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Nof Tours provides numerous tours around Eretz Yisroel.

All trips are suited hashkafically to the frum tourist.

We specialize in customizing trips to suit your preferences.

Choose the area of the country you would like to visit:

North - Golan
  • Beautiful and fun hikes ranging from easy to very challenging

  • Water Hikes (Summer trips) - Nachal Elal, Gilboon, Yehudia, Zavitan, Chatzbani, Teldan, Ein Tina, Majersa, etc.

  • Banyas - gorgeous Waterfalls, without getting wet

  • Dekarina Chocolate Factory tour and workshop 

  • Shofar Factory

  • Via Ferrata - A thrilling hiking experience using special equipment to climb along the side of a mountain, overlooking breathtaking view

  • Rappelling and/or Rock Climbing (with licensed rappelling guide, separate fee)

  • Hula Valley - 3D video, museum, biking, golf carts, bird watching

  • Har Bental - Bunkers and Stunning Views in the Golan

  • Winery tour

  • Katzrin Talmudic Village - Ancient Synagogue, Olive Press, etc.

  • Multi-sensual video on the golan

  • Kayaking - (Summer) down the Yarden

  • Ropes Course

  • ATVing or Jeeping

  • Biking

  • Hot springs in Chamat Gader

  • Shooting Range

  • Shmitta Tour

  • Fruit Picking (Seasonal)

  • Beautiful Views 

  • Hermon - Skiing and Sledding in Winter / Mountain Coaster and Cable car in Summer

  • Archaeological Sites / Remains from Ancient Shuls

North - Golan

North - Upper Galil

North - Upper Galil

  • Mekomos Hakedoshim in Tiveria, Tzefas, Meron, Amuka

  • Mekomos Hakedoshim "Off the Beaten Track"  

  • Beautiful Views 

  • Tzefas - walk through the old city and visit the Candle Factory, Live Glass Blowing, Artists' Quarter, Famous Shuls, The Arizal's Mikve and Beis Hakvaros. 

  • Various artistic workshops with Glass, Mosaics, etc.

  • Pekiin - R' Shimon Bar Yochai's Cave, carob tree and spring

  • Beautiful and fun hikes ranging from easy to very challenging

  • Water Hikes (Summer trips) 

  • Alma Cave - a challenging caving experience  

  • Via Ferrata - A thrilling hiking experience using special equipment to climb along the side of a mountain, overlooking breathtaking view

  • Rappelling and/or Rock Climbing (with licensed rappelling guide, separate fee)

  • Winery tour

  • Boating - (Summer) Speed Boating, Banana Boating, Pancaking, etc.

  • ATVing or Jeeping in mountains near Tzefas and Meron

  • Biking

  • Hot springs in Tiveria

  • AquaKef - (Summer) a trampoline waterpark on the Kineret - has some separate hours, and separate family hours, most hours are mixed.

  • Shmitta Tour

  • Fruit Picking (Seasonal)

  • Tsippori, Bet Shearim, Tiveria - Shvil HaSanhedrin, Archaeological Sites

Lower Galil

North - Lower Galil

  • Beautiful and fun hikes ranging from easy to very challenging

  • Nachal Kibbutzim Water Hike and sliding through Giant Water Pipes

  • Biking

  • Paragliding

  • Jeeping, ATVing

  • Gan HaShlosha / Sachne - Beautiful Natural Springs

  • Kangaroo Park

  • Bio Bee and Kibbutz Tour

  • Archaeological Sites - Bet Shean, Tsippori, Bet Shearim

  • Shvil HaSanhedrin

  • Stories in Tanach (Gilboa, War btw Shaul and Plishtim, etc.)

North Coast / Western Galil

North Coast - Western Galil

  • Herziliya - Tornado Boating or Net Boating on the Mediterranean

  • Beautiful Beaches 

  • Paragliding over the Mediterranean

  • Netanya - Horseback riding on the beach

  • Caesarea - Archaeological Site and Ancient Aqueduct Beach

  • Atlit - Detention Camp under the British - amazing audio visual presentations

  • Haifa - Mearat Eliyahu, Bahai Gardens, Hiking Trails in Carmel Mountains, Cable Car, Beautiful Views

  • Acco - Spectacular Tunisian Shul, British Prison, Crusader Fortress,  Fun Tornado Boating

  • Rosh Hanikra (cable car down to natural caves formed in the rock by the crashing waves of the ocean)

  • Biking or Golf Carts along the coast

  • Caves - Climbing and crawling caves

  • Achziv - Tornado Boat to Rosh Hanikra

  • Mearat Keshet - Breathtaking hike and viewpoint

  • Zichron Yaakov Winery Tour

  • Baron Rothschild Gardens

Central/Southern Coast

Central/Southern Coast

  • Blind Museum, Deaf Museum, etc.
  • Bullet Factory - see the amazing story of the underground secret factory used to manufacture ammunition under the British.

  • Moshav / Kibbutz Tour -  "מצוות התלויות בארץ" come alive, fruit picking, etc, and tractor ride.

  • Shmitta Tour and fruit picking (seasonal)

  • Model of Mishkan and Ketores activity

  • Fruit and Vegetable Picking - for needy families

  • Mini Israel - miniature models of famous places in Israel

  • Sky Town - Exciting Ropes Course

  • Hot Air Balloon

  • Variety of Caves and "Dig for a Day" in Bet Gubrin 

  • Sand Duning in Ashdod

  • Boating - (Summer) Speed Boating, Banana Boating, Pancaking, etc. 

  • Beautiful Beaches

  • Museum of Animals in Tanach

  • Yaar Kedoshim - Anne Frank Memorial 

  • Stories in Tanach (Dovid and Golias, Shimshon, etc.)

  • Beautiful Viewpoints

  • Crawl through Bar Kochva Caves

  • Stallectite Caves

  • Bat Caves, hike and slide

  • Galita Chocolate Factory and Workshop

  • Walking Tour of Old City, Churva Shul, etc

  • Explore עיר דוד and Walk through Chizkiyahu's Water Tunnels

  • Southwall Excavations - Walk on the steps leading up to בית המקדש

  • Kosel Tunnels

  • Machon Hamikdash - Replicas of Keilim from בית המקדש

  • 3D Virtual tour of בית המקדש

  • Herodian Quarter

  • Old Yishuv Court Museum - See how people lived in Yerushalaim 500 years ago

  • Music Museum

  • Kever Rochel

  • Kever Shmuel Hanavi

  • Kever Shimon HaTzaddik

  • Kever of the Zheviller Rebbe 

  • Har HaMenuchos Cemetery

  • Har HaZeisim Cemetery and Viewpoint over מקום המקדש

  • Tayelet – Promenade -Viewpoint over מקום המקדש

  • Mount Scopus - הר הצופים - Viewpoint over מקום המקדש

  • Armon HaNetziv - Segway Tours

  • Yemin Moshe, Mishkenos Sha'ananim  - first neighborhoods outside the walls

  • Shuk Tour

  • Israel Museum, Model of Yerushalayim from Second Bais HaMikdash, Shrine of the Book, Judaica, etc.

  • Yad V'Shem Holocaust Museum

  • Hikes in Mountains around Yerushalayim

  • Chocolate Factory and Workshop

  • Mezuzah Worksop

  • Mearat Hamachpela

  • Pat B'Melach Bakery Workshop

  • Biyar Aqueduct - walk through 2000 year old aqueduct which brought water to Yerushalayim

  • Deer Land Park - Longest Zip line in Israel, Bungee Jumping, Petting Zoo, etc.

  • ATVing or Jeeping

  • Caliber 3 - An Anti-Terror Shooting Adventure

  • Winery Tour

  • Tank Museum

  • Shaar HaGai Museum - Story of the Battle of the Road to Jerusalem in 1948

  • Castel - Bunkers, Viewpoint, War of Independence Video, Team Building Activities

Yerushalayim Plus

Dead Sea

Yam HaMelach/Dead Sea

  • Jeeping or ATVing

  • Techeles Factory

  • Mezuzah Workshop

  • Bunkers and Spectacular Viewpoint

  • Camel Riding and Hospitality in Avraham's Tent 

  • Ein Gedi - Short hike with waterfalls in middle of desert

  • Ein Bokek

  • Hot Springs 

  • Massada - incredible archaeology and story

  • Float in Yam Hamelach  

  • Rappelling (with licensed rappelling guide, separate fee)  

  • Exclusive Boat Ride in Yam Hamelach

  • Visit a farm that grows Balsam, Frankincense and other perfume trees that were probably used for the Ketores

  • Visit a Shmitta Farm

  • Spas

  • Hikes with ladders

  • Har Sedom 

  • Dead Sea Products - Visitors' Center

  • Stories in Tanach (Yericho, Am Yisrael crossing Yarden (Jordan River) and entering Land of Israel, Dovid and Shaul, etc.)

Northern Negev

Northern Negev
  • Mitspeh Ramon - Spectacular Views, Visitor's Center, Rappelling down the Crater Wall, Star Gazing

  • Colored Sand - fill bottles with colored sand

  • Stunning Views over Large or Small Crater

  • Hiking - all levels of difficulty

  • Be'er Sheva - Avraham's Well and Ancient City

  • Air Force Museum

  • Sand Boarding

  • Jeeping or ATVing

  • Kever of Baba Sali

  • Salad Trail - Agricultural Tourism

  • Sderot

  • Shmitta Tours

  • Camel Riding

  • Vidor Center - Agriculture in the Desert

Southern Negev / Eilat

Southern Negev
  • Jeeping

  • Viewpoints - see 4 countries: Israel, Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, and trace our forefathers travels from Egypt into the Land of Israel

  • Hiking, and Sunrise Hikes

  • Underwater Observatory Museum

  • Snorkeling, Snuba or Scuba Diving by the Coral Reef Beach

  • Banana Boating, Pancaking, Jet Ski

  • Dolphin Reef - Swimming with the dolphins

  • Ice Skating

  • Ropes Course

  • Camel Riding

  • Bird Watching

  • Water Park

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